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NEW BOOK: Leading in a Wicked World 🌍

27 April 2024

New book: Leading in a Wicked World is now on sale in our whole wicked world.

Workshop The Leadership Journey

3 February 2024

On March 12th, Sonja will be facilitating a Leadership Journey workshop for practitioners.

7 Perspectives on Leadership now available

15 May 2023

The Dutch Edition of "7 Perspectives on Leadership. Insights from the Coaching Room" is set to Launch before this summer.

From Neglect to Psychological Safety

8 January 2023

The December issue of the Dutch Journal of Coaching features the article "From neglect to psychological safety. Perspective of a team coach."

The future of leaderschap is hybrid

27 June 2022

Latest case study in TvOO Magazine.

Accountable Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context

3 March 2022

CASE STUDY: How accountable leadership can be encouraged in a cross-cultural organisation environment.

HDM H1 on track for promotion

6 October 2021

Since April 2021, The Other Perspective has worked with the men's field hockey team of HDM.

TEDx Sonja Wekema

20 August 2021

Sonja's TEDx talk "Reveal Your Hidden Treasures" is now available online. Watch it here.

White Paper by TOP and R&G Global Consultants

15 April 2021

If you’re aiming for Excellence through sustained and improved performance, you’ll be very unlikely to achieve it if your culture isn’t right.

Intercultural Coaching Webinar

27 March 2021

Sonja Wekema was one of the panelists during the Intercultural Coaching Webinar, endorsed by NOBCO and EMCC

WBECS presentation well received

13 February 2021

On Wednesday 3rd February 2021, Sonja did her keynote speech for the WBECS audience. The overall feedback score: 8.9 The recording is now available:

TEDx talk “Reveal your hidden treasures”

6 February 2021

On 20th March, Sonja will be on stage with TEDxTwenteU. Join us for the online broadcast.

Self-Worth in Leadership: How do YOU show up as a leader?

3 January 2021

Sonja Wekema will be running a session on self-worth in leadership during Self-Worth Week, 8-13th February.

Increasing your business performance? Don’t forget about the culture!

3 July 2020

Registratie van de virtual round table sessie van 23 juni jl., gehost in samenwerking met R&G Global Consultants, incl een case study van MCAM.

The Importance of Humane Leadership

27 May 2020

Stories Worth Sharing, 29 November 2019 | The Transcript

The Great Transformation

23 May 2020

75 years after the Second World War ended, we are currently facing the Corona-crisis. About two months have passed, and we have already gotten used to the pan...

Corona? You will get through this.

12 March 2020

Corona - houd je hoofd koel & toon leiderschap

TOP celebrates 3 year anniversary!

24 February 2020

At TOP, we celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Thanks for all the cooperation and wonderful projects that we have been able to work on together.

White Paper Culture Transformation by TOP and R&G Global Consultants

22 January 2020

Company culture is a term on everybody’s lips these days. And rightly so. Read more in our new White Paper.

Sonja facilitates Bits, Bytes, Engagement & Culture Transformation

13 January 2020

9 April Brussel | 18 May Haarlem - English on request at a later moment. Interested? Pls let us know.

The Importance of Humane Leadership

10 December 2019

On November 29, Sonja Wekema spoke about The Importance of Humane Leadership.

TOP plants a forest

9 November 2019

Sustainability is important to us. The future starts today and that is why all participants of our workshops receive a tree.

The Other Perspective Network Event: Self-Worth

1 September 2019

You are invited to attend this exclusive workshop with Sonja Wekema and John Niland on the topic of "How Self-Worth Transforms Your Working Life".

Self Reflection with the Hourglass Model

5 August 2019

In our leadership programmes, we often use the hourglass model to reflect in a quick and in-depth way. By yourself or together with colleagues. Self-reflect...

The Other Perpective & Lumina

23 May 2019

We added a new psychometric tool to our suite: Lumina Spark & Lumina Leader.

Quote to reflect on

6 April 2019

Take a look through someone else’s eyes…

27 August 2018

15 years ago, 'Look Through My Eyes' (Phil Collins) came out. The lyrics are still relevant for most of us. Do consider taking a look through someone else's ey...

Dongfeng Race Team surprises competition and wins Volvo Ocean Race

24 June 2018

Congratulations to the Dongfeng Race Team that won the Volvo Ocean Race by taking the offshore route to the finish, unlike the other teams.

Daniel Pink – Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

11 May 2018

Daniel Pink shares a study about what truly motivates employees. Excerpted from his talk in 2016 on motivation.

One Year The Other Perspective – Seven Lessons

14 February 2018

In February 2017, I started The Other Perspective. Starting my own business brought me a lot. I am happy to share with you my seven lessons of this first year.

The Other Perspective on Mastery

9 January 2018

The School of Mastery and The Other Perspective join forces and will co-create 'The Other Perspective on Mastery'. More will follow in the course of this year.

Without a value based company culture, you are doomed to fail!

26 November 2017

Dr. Hogan discusses the importance of values, and how organisations need to put less of an emphasis on descriptive values and focus more on prescriptive values.

Test your assumptions. Ask questions.

20 November 2017

The Other Perspective

7 October 2017

To find a solution to your puzzle, you might consider using The Other Perspective...

Insights Discovery coaching session

25 August 2017

Sonja held a coaching session with Fanny, the highest bidder during an auction at primary school HSV. Aim of the auction was to teach children how to code.

Change the world: Make your bed

21 August 2017

"If you start every day by making your bed, you will change the world - for the better" William Mc Raven, 2014

Surprise yourself!

14 August 2017

The famous quote by Usain Bolt on the occasion of Pride Amsterdam and Usain's last World Championships.

Tomorrow starts today

28 June 2017

What will the rest of YOUR life look like? Or will you let others decide for you? Need some help? Please contact Sonja to discuss what she can do for you.

When it is time to listen to your gut…

6 May 2017

8 big lessons about life changing events: turning 40 and working with a company for 10 years...


1 May 2017

To see these chairs filled with people who have the drive, the energy and the power to build something great. How wonderful would that be?

What I wish for everyone…

27 April 2017

The importance of the first follower

10 April 2017

Not the first leader is important. It is the first follower that makes the first person the leader.

The Other Perspective in pictures

3 April 2017

A true other perspective front runner: photographer Erik Johansson.

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