Cultural Due Dilligence

Experience shows that shareholder value increases in about 30% of all mergers and acquisitions. In another 30% a merger fails completely. The most critical factor in these examples are people.

Time and again, we see that the success or failure of a merger or acquisition is determined by the way people are engaged in a structured integration process. A merger of cultures and people places every company on great opportunities and challenges, no matter how close two organizations seem to be on the same line. To be able to do this, it is very important to turn on a cultural professional that permeates the emotional landscape and the different phases that an organization experiences during and after a merger. As a coach and organisation consultant,

The Other Perspective has worked with various companies in the field of transitions and integration issues and uses the following approach to change processes like these:

  • Thorough planning of the integration process
  • Selection of the right people
  • Forming the right teams
  • Coaching of managers and teams
  • By proactively intervening and investing in people issues, a company’s new merger or acquisition is a successful start

M&A Coaching

In the event of a merger or acquisition, the coaching focuses on the development and effectiveness improvement of the executives, which play a crucial role in the change process. Especially after a merger or acquisition transaction, there is a critical moment, because of the sea of ​​uncertainty and ambiguity that exists between executive and business performance. Navigating in these waters can be exciting without the proper tools and assistance of a coach. It also includes the use of predictable dynamics, blockade removal, unlocking potential, supporting (and not competing with) integration initiatives and mapping gaps between where the organization is currently and where it must be.

How does coaching work?

Simply put, fusion and acquisition coaching consists of a series of intensive, structured, one-on-one (face-to-face / skype / phone) interactions between an executive and the experienced coach. These are aimed at improving the coachee’s performance and overall effectiveness. Due to its intensive nature, this type of coaching is most effective during the transition period of 6 to 8 months after a merger or acquisition transaction. The coach serves as an expert, facilitator, motivator and sound board and deals with crisis and transition management problems, board-level frictions, team dynamics. Executives are always given a mirror and are kept in a pleasant but clear way. In this type of trajectory, it usually does not concern the unraveling of personalities, as the focus is more on the fact that one has to do business differently and productively under extreme pressure. In consultation, the coaching method is adapted to the unique situation and of course it is confidential at all times.

Bottom line

During the significant changes involved in a merger or acquisition process, the leadership of the customer organisation, our expert coaching and solid business advice are brought together to refine, restore, enrich the culture in the organization. People are the most important component of the transaction and need special attention.

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