Executive (Team) Coaching

We work with certified executive coaches for team coaching and individual coaching assignments.

Team Coaching

In team coaching, two questions are key to start with: 1) what does the team want to achieve; 2) what is the common picture of where we stand now? From there, we will decide what sort of meetings, methods and interventions will be used. In the team coaching processes, we work with the current issues of the team.

In the coaching or training situation, it is key to create space to have “real” conversations, share insights, give each other feedback, understand the patterns within the team and create a shared view on how thing can go different/better.

The Other Perspective is known to use experiential learning methods such as simulations, role plays or exercises from improv theatre. Active exercises that provide insight into cause patterns of the team, will help probing and learning and are fun to do.

Key to success is that we explicitly discuss the insights, understand the meaning and value of it and take appropriate action. For us, coaching is thinking along without judgment, acting as sparring partner and advising on the basis of leadership experience in both corporate and public environment. Executive coaching is coaching at the highest level for managers and leaders at the highest level.

Individual Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to let the coachee become more aware of his or her own position, the role and the effectiveness in the organisation. And to increase the impact the coachee has on others. In most cases, coaching is work related and it often concerns the effectiveness and/or the welfare of the coachee in the workplace. By stimulating the coachee to reflect on real life situations, patterns will surface.

  • Do you want to increase your self awareness?
  • Do you think you can increase the impact you have on others?
  • Did you recently start a new job which requires new behaviour?
  • Do you need to learn and unlearn behaviour to become successful?

Then it is time for a chat.

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