Insights Discovery

As certified Insights Discovery partner, The Other Perspective is specialised in designing programs and interventions to improve the individual, team and organsiation effectiveness.

Insights Discovery provides insight into behavioral preferences with a simple and appealing color language, and provides concrete tools for the development of effectiveness at both individual, team and organisation level.

Insights Discovery provides the basis for development programs that enable individuals, leaders and teams to enhance their interaction, collaboration and performance. After completing a short online questionnaire, each participant gets his or her personal profile. This describes both the individual qualities and development points described by the participant. The purpose of the profile and development programs is to show that individuals, teams and organizations can gain strength by recognising and appreciating the differences between people.

Insights Discovery profiles provide individuals and teams with self-awareness, allowing each team member to recognise and acknowledge the impact of his or her behavior on others. During the team sessions, we will discuss the similarities and differences within the team, help them discover “blind spots” and “possible improvement areas” and identify the most effective way of communicating with the team. This method is seen as a catalyst for improving interaction between team members.

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