Psychological Safety Index

We use the Psychological Safety Index to increase the level of candor and vulnerability in your organisation.

The Psychological Safety Index (PSI) is based on research of Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson and is seen as the key contributor to successful teams and increasing the performance of organisations.

The relationship between Psychological Safety and Accountability & Motivation:

Holding people accountable is essential for getting the best from people, but without psychological safety it can create an environment characterised by stress and anxiety. Psychological safety makes it easier for people to raise concerns and question the status quo, however, without accountability it can result in people feeling too comfortable – which can lead to poor performance and a lack of motivation.

The key is in balancing psychological safety and accountability. When this happens, a team operates in a climate where they can contribute as their whole selves and and flourish without fear of repercussions. As well as improving performance, this has a significant positive impact on wellbeing and workplace culture.

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