TOP hockey

The Other Perspective support top hockey to help increase  mental strenght, inside and outside the field.

To increase the level of self awareness and to create a better understanding of the team dynamics and needs, we work closely with Lumina Learning. To create a shared language within teams, we have selected Lumina Spark. Lumina Spark is one of the most recent, psychometric tools out there. It is validated and based on the Big 5, easy to use and reproduce. It measures 24 behavioural aspects, also related to stress.

Next to the strong focus on individual personalities and team dynamics, we believe is key to be clear on personal and team accountability. For this, we use the Accountability Loop of Mark Samuel, which we also use with a variety of businesses.

The Accountability Loop

Do you show accountable behaviour? Then others will probably see you as:

  • communicative
  • constructive
  • reliable
  • coachable

Do you show victim behaviour? Then others will probably see you as:

  • difficult to communicate with
  • complaining
  • putting the blame externally
  • not motivated

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