The Other Perspective was founded with as primary purpose to help individuals and organisations reach their (business) targets and make the unachievable achievable. In all cases, we will put up a mirror for leaders and teams to ensure they truly see themselves, both as individuals and as a team. By doing this, we will help you to learn to look at yourself and your surroundings in another, different manner.

The notion that having real conversations is the key to success, is critical. Understanding what their conduct means for the rest of the organisation and what price they will pay – both personally and business wise – if they lack development in this area should also not be underestimated.

The Other Perspective primarily work with individuals and (international) companies who are in need of a trusted coach and/or business consultant. We will help people to connect, unveil the hidden quality and talent in the organisation, make people flourish, and will help to improve and sustain the level of collaboration in the organisation.