7 Perspectives on Leadership now available

The Dutch edition of "7 Perspectives on Leadership. Insights from the Coaching Room" is set to launch this summer.

The book is written for executives and future executives. It offers a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is sure to inspire and enhance your understanding of effective leadership.

Written by a team of five experienced executive & team coaches, the book presents seven unique perspectives on leadership, each with valuable insights and practical advice. Drawing on their collective expertise, the authors explore different aspects of leadership, shining the light on different approaches and strategies that can bring success in the dynamic business world.

One of the chapters is “Intercultural leadership: the key to success in a globalising world”, written by Sonja Wekema of The Other Perspective. In this chapter, she discusses the role of intercultural leadership in achieving success in an increasingly interconnected world. With Wekema’s in-depth knowledge and expertise, this chapter offers valuable suggestions for navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by intercultural diversity.

The book is now available for pre-order on Managementboek.nl.